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Peru Vacations: Trujillo Peru Tours & Vacations


Their vestiges are the admiration of the thousands of visitors. Their beautiful Main Square, the Cathedral, the Archiepiscopal Palace, the University, the Seminary, the House of the Culture and the theaters are samples of another culture: the Hispanic.

Basic Facts History Geography Tourism Attractions


Area or surface: 24,795 km2.
Main resources: It is the first sugar cane producer and second in production of rice of Peru.
Population: 1’333,000 inhabitants. Its capital, Trujillo, have 247.028 inhabitants.
Number of provinces and districts: 12 provinces and 80 districts.
Date of Foundation: Like department, the 12 of February of 1,821.
Typical Meals Cause in Lapa, Cured meat.
Fauna: Wild ducks, coastal birds and fish.
Flora: Medicinal grass like matico, limoncillo, salvia. Hoist of eucalyptus.



trujillo_chanchanTrujillo, capital of the department, was founded in 1,534 by Diego de Almagro closely together of the Pre-Columbian city of Chan-Chan. During the Colony, one became a family place for the noble and landowners. When the years arrived from the War of the Emancipation, Trujillo gives itself to the patriotic cause entirely, in 1820 when finding out the disembarkation of San Martín, proclaims their independence. In the Republican Period, and during the War with Chile, in Huamachuco he is carried out completes battle of the war with the Chileans. In 1932, being President General Luis Sanchez Hill, took place a revolutionary movement made by civilians coming from the properties and of valleys of the environs of Trujillo. At the present time Trujillo is one of the developed departments in the north of the country.



trujillo_mapathe capital of the Freedom, the City of Trujillo, has a geographic importance and a very important position. In that point it is where the Cordillera de los Andes is connected with the Pacific. The Andes see for the first time from Trujillo, presenting a summit row indented of little elevation, but behind which the Andean plateau begins to rise abruptly towards the East.
The Department of the Libertad is a department where the factors Coast and Highland are balances. Its extensive plains, where the sugar cane is cultivated mainly. Their Coasts, magnificently equipped by the nature, offer natural harbors like the one of Chicama, whereas Huanchaco served during centuries as the main port of debarkation in that zone. At the present time, the modern harbor facilities of Salaverry, to the south of Moche, constitute a stimulus of first order for the agricultural and industrial development of this important department.



trujillo_marineraThe archaeological, colonial and republican resources are constituted by the Ruins of Chan-Chan, the Huacas of the Sun and the Moon, the Huaca of the Dragoon, Pacatnamú, Marcahuamachuco and Wiracochapampa. Trujillo, the capital is an active city as economic and cultural center and offers to the tourist many attractive places like their beautiful beaches. The month of September one becomes the ‘ World-wide Capital of the Primavera where he exposes to the world the might of a city that every time becomes more modern. The most genuine expression of northern people is the sailor, cheers and salerosa. In Trujillo, the most important competitions of this dance are made. The Lagoon of Sausacocha, to 12 km of Huamachuco is another attractive to the tourist.




trujillo_catedralTHE CATHEDRAL: Located in the corner of the Main Square, it was built in 1616 and destroyed by earthquakes of 1619 and 1635. The temple is of three ships and has a choir under finely carved. In his interior it hoards altarpieces of baroque style, in addition to centennial linen cloths and sculptures that are exhibited in the Cathedral Museum.

CHURCH OF THE CARMEN: Considered like the more important architectonic set of the region and a precious example of the Hispano-American art. The temple was constructed on an artificial earth platform, which makes suppose the existence of burial cellars. In 1759, an earthquake caused serious damages; but the greater altarpiece, considered a masterpiece of churrigueresco style, did not suffer some damage.

OTHER TEMPLES: Also they must be visited San Francisco, with his remarkable altars to both sides of the cruise and their complete collection of altarpieces; The Merced, ancient construction of flat and perpendicular facade; Santa Clara, that it has a golden and ostentoso altar; Belen, with beautiful paintings; and Santo Domingo, with its three ships of dóricos pillars.


HOUSE GANOZA CHIPOTEA: of policromada cover of baroque style, crowned with a Rococo fronton and two lions, it is the most representative relic of the city.

HOUSE OF THE MAYORAZGO: as old as the same city, she conserves one of the more valuable numismatic collections of Peru, the House of the Marquesses of Herrera and Beautiful Valle, located in one of the corners of the Main Square; the House of Don Luis Fernando Ganoza, the House of Counts de Aranda; and the House of Marshal Orbegoso.


trujillo_chan_chan1THE CITY OF CHAN-CHAN: is located in the valley of Moche – formerly Chimor or Chimú – to 4 kilometers to the northeast ofTrujillo City. The old capital of the chimú kingdom, that settled down in the valley of Moche between centuries XII and XV, lodged up to 60 thousand inhabitants, extending in an area of 20 kilometers square, from the proximities of the port of Huanchaco to the hill Campana. Piramidales seats, houses, deposits, factories, labyrinths, walls, ways and temples, are the rest that until today can be visited in the city of marinates greater of the world, emphasizing the magnificent walls decorated with figures geometric in relief.
chan-chan call “City of the Moon” or “the Long Walls” – it is compared with Teotihuacán, in Mexico, and the old cities of Egypt.

trujillo_huaca_sol_lunaHUACAS OF THE SUN AND THE MOON: the rest of the administrative and ceremonial center of the Mochica culture is located to 5 kilometers to the south of Trujillo that was developed thousand years before the arrival of the Spaniards.

THE HUACA OF THE SUN: it conserves only the third part of his original structure. Formerly it would have gotten to have 345 meters in length by 160 of wide and 30 meters of height. In their construction, according to the legend became in only a day, 140 million were used of marinate, reason why the huaca is considered the greatest of the country.

THE HUACA OF THE MOON: it has an approximated extension of 290 meters of north to the south and 210 meters of this to the west. Account with three imposing platforms of marinates, articulated by four square ready in different levels. One of them demonstrates the presence of a rocky outcrop that, without a doubt, it must have a ceremonial character.

COMPLEX OF THE WIZARD: In the right margin of the valley of Chicama, province of Ascope, only 60 minutes of Trujillo, is located this important complex, that it is in the heat of period of investigation.
It impresses a great pyramid of marinates of 30 meters of height, with more than 15 centuries of history. In their walls were reliefs that demonstrate the life of a Mochica sovereign.

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