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Peru Vacations: Puno Peru Vacations


The Main tourist attraction in Puno is the Titicaca Lake, located in the Plateau of the Collao. Their waters offer a great ictiológica wealth. It has a huge one and severe landscape, the impressive ones snow mountain of the Cordillera Real confers a mystery atmosphere to him.

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Area or Surface: 71,999 km².
Main Resources: The quinua, It is the first producer of ovine, alpacas and lama.
Population: 1,135,000 inhabitants. The capital is Puno and has 100,168 inhabitants.
Number of Provinces and Districts: 13 provinces and 108 districts.
Date of Department Foundation: April 26, 1822.
Ethnic Groups: The Uros (in the Titicaca Lake).
Typical Foods: Broth of Frogs.
Fauna: Giant frogs, birds of the lake, auquénidos.
Flora: The totora.



In the Epoca of Conquista, the Spaniards (among them Francisco Pizarro) settled down themselves in the Cusco given the wealth that the region of the Collao. In the Epoca of the Republic (1,825) the visit of the Simón Liberator remembers Bolivar, who was received with the historical praise of Choquehuanca ‘ with the years grows our glory as the shade grows when the sun decliná. The Chullpas de Sillustani and the temples of Pucará are specially remarkable. Most of the Chullpas belongs to the Epoca Inca, whose conquest took place towards beginnings of century XV. According to the legend, the Titicaca Lake was cradle of the Civilization Inca.



Puno map - Puno Vacations -  Peru VacationsPuno is located in the southeast of Peru. Lake Titicaca is the highest in the world and is located in this department. Seventy percent of the region is made up by Andean mountains and is formed by high plateaus, hillsides, and the Cordillera Real. The climate is cold and dry, with 4-month long rain season. The jungle represents 25% of its territory. It is scarcely populated and is almost not integrated into the economy of the department. In the jungle the climate is warm.
Water resources in this area include Lake Titicaca, 50 lagoons and more than 300 rivers.
In addition an important underground water potential exists.



The main tourist attraction in Puno is Lake Titicaca, located in the Plateau of the Collao. The highest navigable lake in the world, with 193 km in length and 64 km wide, with 300 a Maxima depth of mts. Their waters offer a great ictiológica wealth. It has a huge one and severe landscapes, the impressive snows of the Cordillera Real confer a mystery atmosphere. One says that the Uros, town of great physical strength that lives on the artificial islands of totora, is descending of the oldest race of the world. Some monuments worthy to emphasize are the Cathedral, the Balcony of Count of Lemos, the Deustua Arc, the Municipal Pinacoteca, the Dryer Museum and the Museum of Popular Art. To 30 kms of Puno, capital of the department, you can find the Chullpas of Sillustani, which they were tombs of the heads hatuncollas (big men), and many other vestiges of old cultures that inhabited the region. It is possible to be said that the Department of Puno always was loyal to Peru, always looked for to be a factor of harmony with our Bolivian brothers in tries of a rational and equitable use of the resources of the Titicaca Lake.



TITICACA LAKE: Titicaca Lake - Puno Vacations -  Peru VacationsReserves National of the Titicaca: Created in 1978 to protect 37 thousand hectares of totorales of the South and North zone of the Titicaca Lake, The highest navigable lake in the world, with a 3.815 height of m.s.n.m. The zone lodges native tens of species of birds (more than 60 between migratory residents and), fish (4 different families) and amphibians (18 original species); in addition, three islands exist: Huaca Huacani, Toranipata and Santa Maria.

THE ISLAND OF THE UROS: The island Uros - Puno Vacations -  Peru VacationsLocated to the north of the bay of Puno, this island of dense vegetation formed especially of totora, which is the most singulat attractive tourism in the world-wide. The island is inhabited by 2 thousands Uros, who claim to be “kot-suña” (the town of the lake), which implies to have black blood, not to suffocate not to feel cold. For this reason – they assure – that they fish with facility.

THE TAQUILE ISLAND: Taquile island - Puno Vacations -  Peru VacationsIt is to 35 kilometers at the east of the city of Puno. Its extension is 6 kilometers square. It emphasizes by his varied microclimates and being greatest of all the islands of the Titicaca. In the town of Taquile (3.950 m.s.n.m.) exist in the archaeological zones of the civilizations Tiahuanaco and Inca ; but not only that, in the incaicos moral island still principle is effective them: Ama Sua (you do not rob), Ama Quella (you do not lie), Ama Lulla (you are not loose). If some of more than thousand inhabitants transgresses these rules, must render accounts to the authorities of the community, those that can condemn it with the exile.


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