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Peru Vacations: Marcahuasi Peru Tour & Vacation


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characterizes for his singular anthropomorphic gigantic and zoomorphic rocks. This “Forest of Rocks ” this have height of 3,657.6 meters on the level of the sea and it occupies near 4 square km from surface.

This plateau located in Huarochirí’s province and community of San Pedro de Casta, in the department of Lima, Peru.

Already in 1923 the archeologist Julio C. Tello, reports the existence of lagoons that were repressed and they had their channels of water distribution, as Pampacocha and Wayacocha located in the hillside Marcahuasi’s west. According to the settlers of San Pedro of Casta, the plateau was possessing 12 lagoons or reservoirs each one with his respective irrigation ditch.

MARCAHUASI’s Plateau became famous in 1952 by the Peruvian exploratory and philosophize, Dr. Daniel Ruzo. He names the rocks in the plateau of a very peculiar way with pseudonymous of animals. His interpretation on the effect of the solar light in the rocks and his anthropologic philosophy they can be well-read in his book written in this epoch.

Beyond all the interpretations, the plateau sat on the monumental rocks of them walk it is simply a beautiful park, representing, since in any place of the planet, the natural transform caused by the erosion. (Many foreign opportunists exploit this beautiful park as if it was a “Martian” work and devote themselves to sell photos and videos in the Internet).

The famous Monument of the Humanity who is an immense and stony mass that from several angles allows to estimate a bright human profile. Besides it is entertained to estimate the different and variety of rocky formations as the lion, toad, tortoise, auquenidos, seals and other curious formations.

The native San Pedro of Casta, a very poor community, has preserved this beautiful park during several decades, without the help financier of Lima. This park has never had the requirements basic of a tourist park (banks, drinkable water, desague or housing).

The tourists are in the main young enthusiasts, those who do excursions and camps to the plateau during the spring epoch to enjoy the adventure, a great trek of approximately 2-4 hours and the rich heat of them walk.

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