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Peru Vacations: Caral Peru Vacations


In a desolate landscape of lunar appearance, a mysterious culture constructed pyramids approximately 5.000 years ago, in what it might be the cradle of the civilization in the Americas. The pyramids, seemingly temples, were raising on sunked square and close to an amphitheatre. Numerous neighborhoods were located between them, some for rich and other for poor people. A river was irrigating the fields of cotton and gourd, products that were used in commercial interchanges by other cultures.

From 1994,the Doctor Ruth Shady a Peruvian archaeologist of the University of San Marcos in Lima, that directs the excavations and a team of archaeologists has investigated hills similar to dunes of this desert, from which the valley of the Supe river is controlled, to 150 kilometers to the northwest of Lima, in which can be the cradle of the civilization in America. Shady believes that Caral was a Sacred City and the administrative center of a civilization that constructed other 17 communities, in the main still buried in the valley of Supe and on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Shady decided to excavate first Caral because it design was seeming to be the most advanced.

Caral has a approximate one of 66 hectares, an endless number of finding that give samples of the existence of a population where gave beginnings to the religious organization, economic, labor and familiar. being the river an important factor for the subsistence of the agricultural population, finding the mate, cotton, red pepper, sweet potato, tutumo and pacae.

Its importance in the historical and archaeological plane say that this was a civilization that development 5000 years ago before ours ages, therefore it demonstrates the diverse ones to it dated of carbon 14, locating it in the contemporary plane of the humanity with Egypt, China, Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica and India. If your looking for a Caral City tour, check out our Caral tours page, you’ll be sure to find the perfect tour!

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