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Peru Vacations: Paracas Peru Tour & Vacation


It possesses special characteristics of flora and fauna and it is a refuge of diverse species kinds of migratory birds.

General Information Attractions


Paracas’s National Reserve is the only marine – coastal of Peru that includes portions of sea in his territory. It possesses special characteristics of flora and fauna and it is a refuge of diverse species kinds of migratory birds. It is a part of the list of humedales of international importance, protected across RAMSAR’s Convention.


ica_lobos_de_marTHE PARACAS NATIONAL RESERVE: Park has as its center the Ballestas Islands, teeming with wildlife; and clear, blue waters; paradisiacal beaches; rocks sculptured by the sea and the wind, all in a place where the sea meets the sand dunes of the desert.

The Reserve has an extension of 335.000 hectares and it is the only protected area in the country that includes the sea.
Types of aquatic life to be seen here are seals (Otaria byronia et Arctocephalus australis), Humboldt penguins (Spheniscus humboldt), the sea cat or chingungo (Lutra felina), dolphins and porpoises and more than 200 species of birds, both migratory as well as resident, such as the Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) and flamingos or parihuanas (Phoenicopterus chilensis).

ica_reservaTHE “CATHEDRAL”: Is a natural formation caused by the erosion

of a saltpeter cliff by the sea. A kind of “monument” it has the shape o

f a dome with a tower, inside which live different aquatic birds.

ica_candelabroTHE “CANDELABRO” (CANDELABRUM): In the environs of the National Reserve of Paracas, is located near the port of Chaco, from where the small boats to visit the Ballestas Island. During the route is observed the famous Candelabrum, a rarest engraving in the sand that could be related to the geoglifos of Nazca, although some people believe that it was made by pirates.

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