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Peru Vacations: Ica Peru Tours & Vacations


Ica offers good beaches and thermal waters, varied marine fauna, museums of site and excellent hotel services.

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Area or Surface: 21,328 km².
Main Resources: cotton, grapevine, pallares, kidney beans, iron
Population: 600,000 inhabitants. The capital is Ica and has 106,381 inhabitants.
Number of Provinces and Districts: 5 provinces and 43 districts.
Date of Department Foundation: January 30th, 1866.
Typical Food: Carapulcra, chupe of pallares, turtle soup, frejol colado, tejas.
Ethnic Groups: Negroid (El Carmen district, Chincha).
Fauna: sea wolves, guaneras birds, condors, flamingos.



ica_textil_paracasColonel Mariano Ignacio Prado created the Department of Ica in 1866. In sandy grounds of the Peninsula of Paracas, Julio C. Tello discovered the vast cemeteries of a pre-Columbian culture between 1925 and 1927, known as Necrópolis. The Momias de Paracas were found with colorful and fine loaded mantles of symbols, denominated Mantles of Paracas. This culture was characterized by the exercise of the medicine, in special of the trepanations craneanas, as they demonstrate the found trepanados skulls in the zone.

Later was developed the Culture Nazca which was the center in Cahuachi to borders of the Rio Grande. Its ceramics has consecrated to Nazca like the best painters ceramists of Pre-Columbian America. In addition, world-wide the “Lineas de Nazca”, a gigantic astronomical calendar of almost 350 km2 of extension.



ica_mapaThe Department of Ica for its configuration to the geomorfología of its two great and only cuenca fluvial: which are the rivers Pasco and Ica. In addition, it counts with an unfinished and uninterrupted current that unexpectedly is called Rio Grande, when their little waters not even reach the sea.

In Ica are extensive deserts like Pampas of Lancha before Well Santo, and the Pampas of Villacurí where the heat is very intense. In addition, frequently strong winds are denominated “paracas” that raise great sand clouds.



In Ica is located the Paracas National Reserve where a number of animal colonies such as sea lions and coastal birds reside. The City of Ica is famous by its countryside and the good quality of wines and brandies. It also deserves to emphasize the celebrations of the Vendimia or the Grape, with great consumption of wine and cachina (drunk typical of the place).



ica_laguna_huacachinaHUACACHINA LAGOON: Surrounded by palms, huarangos, dunes of the desert, The Lagoon, with its emerald colored waters is located five kilometers from the city. It counts a legend that in the full moon, is listened to the sad weeping of one doncella that was thrown to waters after losing its fiance’ in a battle.

CACHICHE: Famous small village by the calls “Witches of Cachiche”, who are able to remedy all class of diseases and emotional damages. Located 4 kilometers of the city. the place in spite of the mystery that surrounds it is quite calm, emphasizing its chapel, constructed in 1856. In their facade symbols related to santería (witchcraft) are appraised.

ica_iglesia_lurenOTHER INTERESTING ATTRACTIONS: We recommended to give a time to appreciate the Cathedral of Ica that dates from century XVIII, the Sanctuary of Mr. de Luren (Saint of the city), the large houses of the Marquess of Hermoza Tower with its artistic cover and the one of Jose de la Torre Ugarte who was the author of the Peruvian National Anthem.

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