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Peru Vacations: Chiclayo Peru Vacations


Chiclayo is the capital of the department of Lambayeque and without a doubt it is an attractive tourist city, in addition to its intense commercial activity; it has good hotels, squares, churches and museums like the Brunning, with valuable vestiges of the Cultures Mochica and Chimú, among them, the last discovery of Tumba del Señor de Sipan.

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Area or Surface: 14,231 km².
Main Resources: rice, sugar cane and fruit trees.
Population: 992,000 inhabitants. The capital is Chiclayo and has 239,887 inhabitants.
Number of Provinces and Districts: 3 provinces and 33 districts.
Date of Department Foundation: December 1, 1874
Typical plates: rice with duck, chirimpico, humitas, dry of cabrito.
Fauna: pava aliblanca.
Flora: carob tree forests.
Weather: The average temperature is 22° C (72° F). The rainy season is from February to April.



chiclayo_sipan_muerteIn the Lambayeque zone, important pre-Columbian cultures

were established such as the Mochica and Chimú. These cultures are famous for their artistic works of gold

and silversmithing. Important archaeological remains have been discovered here. This area was ruled by the Mochica,

then the Empire of the Great Chimú. Years later, the Inca’s Pachacútec, Túpac

Yupanqui and Huayna Cápac conquered the Empire of the Great Chimú.

chiclayo_vacationsThe first Spanish forces that came to Lambayeque were those of Francisco Pizarro, as they were on their way to Cajamarca to conquer the Incan Empire. Once the fighting was over, Pizarro left many soldiers in the Lambayeque area. This city of Zaña was founded in 1563. In 1720, the Zaña River flooded the town, completely destroying it. Its inhabitants moved to Lambayeque, which then became the capital of the province.

Currently, Lambayeque is the country’s number one rice producer. Sugar cane production, fishing and commercial development are also large revenue generators for this department



chiclayo_mapaLarge plains make up this department. Due to lack of water, farming rarely takes place here. However, in the last centuries the Olmos Carob Tree Forest has held goat herds that feed on the food of the carob tree. Therefore the production of leather, soap, and kid skin is popular here.
The three large rivers in Lambayeque are the Zaña, Lambayeque and Jayanca.



Chiclayo is the capital of Lambayeque and it is full of tourist attractions and Chiclayo tours. It has good hotels, squares, churches and museums. The Brunning museum holds valuable remains of the Mochica and Chimú cultures. Among these remains is the recent discovery of , the Señor de Sipán tomb. Another archaeological wonders in Lambayeque is the Apurlec. The remains of this great city cover almost 30 km and can be found between the towns of Motupe and Jayanca.
The beaches of Santa Rosa, Eten and Pimentel are also good places where the tourist can relax.



chiclayo_catedralTHE CATHEDRAL: It is located in the Seat of Arms his construction is of neoclassic style (1869). In his interior it emphasizes the wood stature of the Poor Christ. Their enormous ships lodge in their interior chapels and altars of great historical and artistic value.

MUNICIPAL PALACE: Modern building of elegant construction cost something more than 30.000 thousand gold pounds in 1919. It is of republican style with ample large windows and doors of forged iron.

CHAPEL OF THE VERÓNICA: Constructed by the end of century XIX and declared national historical monument. The greater altar and the adjacent altarpiece present/display a coating of silver and gold bread.

chiclayo_museo_bruningARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM NATIONAL BRÜNING: To 10 minutes approx, it is one of the most important in all the North zone of the country with archaeological objects reunited by German etnógrafo E. Brüning. Its architecture is modern and its four floors of exhibition they have been lodging a valuable collection of gold objects, silver and receives of the diverse cultures developed in the region for more than 4.000 years. Its room of gold conserves one of the most important collections of orfebrería of America including the pieces found in the tomb of Mr. de Sipán.

FERREÑAFE: Española city of fundación is dedicated to the culture of the rice. It emphasizes his old church of Santa Lucía of baroque style. There is constructed the National Museum Archeological of Sicàn (House of the Moon).

CRACKED HUACA: The set includes/understands two colossal piràyou measure of marinates in front of which is a platform where habría existed a real mausoleo. In 1987, the intact rest of a high Mochica dignitary were discovered in this place whom knows itself like the Señor de Sipàn.

chiclayo_piramides_tucumeTÚCUME: conformed by 26 piràyou measure. Its origin goes back to the 700 años D.C. and, según the legend, their founder sería Collac, descendant of Naylamp. They emphasize in its environs the Huacas of the Town, the Ray, the Sun, and Stakes. Túcume is well known like “Valle the Piràmides”. This is one of the best Peru package tours in Peru. Call us today to book you Peru package tour!

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