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The City of Lima

The City of Lima

Lima is known as the City of Kings, our city was capped three times and founded by the Spanish Francisco Pizarro on January 18, 1535. The city lies on the banks of the Rimac River, known as the Speaker River, and set on a valley inhabited by local cultures.

The Historical Center is home to important architectural treasures of the Colonial and Republican era, many of them declared as a World Heritage Site for its historical richness and the beauty of its buildings, that showcase the different styles that once influenced us, such as in Moorish balconies, temples and colonial houses that baroque style, marble sculptures and paintings by European influence.

Lima has always been known for offering a variety of dishes, for that reason it has become the culinary capital of America. Another reason why the capital is growing on popularity is because of its cultural alternative: museums.  Lima is home to one of the most valuable collections of museums focusing on them all the history and culture of our country.

As a modern and cosmopolitan city, Lima offers the best in tourism services, modern hotel infrastructure, excellent restaurants and vibrant nightlife. In this city you will find great cultural mix from the locals and people coming from other cities in Peru and the world.

If you are in town, don’t forget to also visit the craft markets like Mercado Indio, modern shopping malls like Jockey Plaza, places of adventure and sports like Parasailing in Costa Verde, natural protected areas like Pantanos de Villa, and archaeological sites of great importance, like the Sacred City of Caral which is only 2 hours away.





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